Laser Additive Manufacturing

Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) is not a new process but more recently refined and recognized in certain industries. Also known as Laser Cladding or Laser Metal Deposition, it is the process of inducing a metal powder alloy into the laser beam stream at the workpiece via a special cross axis nozzle or custom coaxial nozzle.

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The LAM Process

Laser Additive Manufacturing, in simple terms, is adding metal to build up a surface. This can also be done utilizing the additive metal in wire form, with the delivery straight into the Laser beam stream and melted at the workpiece. The process is primarily used for building or restoring worn surfaces with new alloy and then machined back to its original dimensions. In some unique applications it is used for building up features to near net shape, like bosses on a cylinder.


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Customized LAM Solutions

At ARCOR we offer LAM services for various industries and also provide system solutions for a variety of different LAM applications. To find out more, contact us at

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