Contract Manufacturing

At ARCOR, our commitment to high volume, high precision contract manufacturing is reflected in our capabilities.  These include over 30 lasers on site in our 14,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, as well as a range of laser station configurations and power. Our power capabilities range from 10 watts to 4000 watts, and our weld capacity ranges from micro welding to parts up to 3 cube.

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From Concept to Completion

We offer contract manufacturing services from original concept through tool design and fabrication. Our team of qualified engineers is adept at finding unique solutions to the most challenging products throughout various industries. This experience level and our staff of highly skilled technicians allow us to produce complete parts, from prototypes to large production runs. In addition to offering competitive pricing we are dedicated to meeting JIT delivery schedules to demanding industries.

High Precision + High Efficiency:

ARCOR’s tube cutting processes deliver up to 50% higher throughput with faster axes and automatic tube loading. In addition, our capabilities include:

  • Diverse materials for cutting
  • Cuts materials with length of up to 600mm
  • Fully automated loading (max 3m length/30mm diameter)
  • Integrated dry and wet cutting modules
  • One-step off-center cuts/engravings
  • Contour accuracy better than +/-5 um

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Laser Additive Manufacturing

In addition to laser welding, drilling and cutting services, ARCOR also offers Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM) capabilities.  LAM is not a new process but more recently refined and recognized in certain industries. Also known as Laser Cladding or Laser Metal Deposition, it is the process of inducing a metal powder alloy into the laser beam stream at the workpiece via a special cross axis nozzle or custom coaxial nozzle.

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