Turnkey Laser System for Northrop Grumman

For many years, ARCOR and Northrop Grumman worked together to build customer-specific requirements for a laser welding system and a robust production welding process. The company called on us to develop and implement a fully learned, turn-key welding system to weld an Aluminum Cast Optical Sensor for the JSF program. ARCOR was selected from several companies for our success in preliminary welding qualification samples and for our ability to design and deploy a fully turn-key solution.  We successfully welded pre-production hardware while developing and fabricating a precision 4 axis welding machine center to be installed in one of their facilities. Our team was responsible for welding process procedure, tooling and fixturing, programming and training. Today Northrop Grumman is successfully running production and fulfilling product orders for the JSF program with their own system.

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Stanadyne Laser Hole Drilling

Project Scope: Drill 20-25 micron holes to establish capability for filter manufacturing for the fuel industry.

Results: ARCOR drilled the specified holes in .010 thick materials.

See How We Did It:

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R&D For Shot Gun Weldment

Project Scope: Clean and attach top rib and gas block to barrel and laser weld per supplied dwgs and instructions.

Results: ARCOR welded the supplied materials, 4140 to 4140, as prescribed with adding 8620 wire. The ultimate efficient process would be if the Rib and the Block were made out of 8620 material with a slight weld prep. This would enhance assembly, welding and keep cost down.

See how we did it:

  • : Rib weld
  • : closeup of ridge weld
  • : gas block weld
  • gas block weld closeup
  • : rib weld cross section
  • 6 rib weld cross section
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Caterpillar Fuel Systems

Project Scope:

6600 holes per part; drilled on the fly at 50 holes per second.

Round through holes with diameter 70 +/-10 microns (smaller if necessary)

Holes arranged in a helical pattern around a 4.4mm OD cylinder

Wall thickness of 0.250

Result: Parts were drilled and have holes averaging .40-.45 microns on the inside and 70 microns on the entrance. The goal is to continue to drill holes and post process to clean.

See how we did it:

  • : Inside
  • : outside
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