With over 20 years of laser materials processing experience, ARCOR has gained the insight in developing unique laser system integration solutions for various industries. We have been very successful with several installations for the highly demanding medical and aerospace industries. Working extensively in these industries we continually meet or exceed our customer specifications for quality. ARCOR works with the latest technology and continually develops proprietary hardware and software that enables it to offer truly unique solutions to its customers.

At ARCOR Laser, we offer strong engineering expertise, state of the art technology and strong research and development capabilities to meet specific needs of many industries. Our commitment to providing the Six Elements of ARCOR Precision allows us to develop laser solutions that meet the most stringent requirements for precision, performance, reproducibility and repeatability.

In order to meet the cost and efficiency requirements of the aerospace industry, engineers must utilize specialized materials and alloys to design long-lasting parts that are fit for function as well as highly efficient. We have experience working with many different materials, including those that are unique, hard to weld alloys and alloys with high temperature requirements, including inconel, titanium, and waspaloy. In addition, we bring deep experience in the uses of aerospace products and their testing requirements, so we tailor our process to the specific needs of aerospace manufacturers.
Our team has broad experience in the development of specialized solutions for the alternative energy industry, including battery weldments, fuel cell components, high capacitance assemblies and assemblies for wind generation.  Our engineers regularly consult with our customers on precision laser solutions designed to support stronger, more efficient and more cost-effective manufacturing practices.
ARCOR if fully licensed by the Federal government (FFL) and offers welding solutions for a broad variety of parts for guns and rifles, including magazines and shotguns. [Need more specificity here]
At ARCOR Laser, we specialize in the unique needs of medical device manufacturers.  Our capabilities enable us to offer quick turnaround prototyping, and small to large production low cost solutions. We are experts in tooling and automation with several high-precision CNC laser centers with a range of 50-4000w laser power capacity. Our engineers are experts in the creative use of materials specific to medical device manufacturing, including titanium, stainless steel, and other metals.
ARCOR brings the specialized experience and security infrastructure required to work with both private defense contractors as well as military/governmental entities to support product development.  We bring specific expertise in laser processing solutions for aircraft, military vehicles, weaponry as well as electronic systems.
The power generation industry requires a deep expertise and experience in the use of materials with high temperature alloy requirements, including inconel, titanium, waspaloy and stainless steels. In addition, we are familiar with the unique uses of these products as well as their testing requirements, so we tailor our process to meet the specific needs of our power generation customers.
Semi-conductor manufacturing requires expertise in the application of deep welds (to do what?) as well as very tight dimensional requirements.  ARCOR works with clients in the [what industry requires semi-conductors/what kinds of products?) to provide many different product designs, customized to meet the needs of your applications.
Electronics for oil and gas applications often face exceptionally harsh physical environments with a high risk of catastrophic failure. Laser hermetic sealing service can seal electronics in protective packages that keep them isolated from hazardous or explosive chemicals. ARCOR specializes in the development of hermetically sealed devices designed specifically for these challenging applications.
In the high volume transportation industry, access to low cost, high quality welding is critical.  ARCOR engineers consistently bring new ideas to our transportation clients to make welded applications that are highly efficient and state-of-the-art. We participate in both Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma practices, to ensure production process efficiency and stability.

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