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Precision Laser Welding

If you want the most consistently reliable, high quality welds, Arcor Laser should be your choice of partner. Our experience and expertise, combined with our state of the art equipment, allows us to perform precise laser welding at great speed, repeatedly and cost effectively.

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Laser Drilling

The laser drilling process is an inexpensive alternative to mechanical drilling. The laser process is very adaptable for small holes with large depth to diameter ratios. Laser drilling provides a repeatable, accurate hole that can be customized for all types of manufacturing industries.

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Laser Additive Manufacturing (LAM)

This is not a new process but one more recently refined and recognized in certain industries. LAM is the acronym today, more commonly recognized as Laser Cladding or Laser Metal deposition. LAM is the process of inducing a metal powder alloy into the Laser beam stream at the workpiece via a special cross axis nozzle or custom coaxial nozzle.

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Laser System Integration

We design and build custom laser solutions to meet your specific needs. We will help you select the right laser and machine tool, while integrating a turn-key solution for your laser processing requirements. Contact Arcor Laser today for all of your laser system integration needs.

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Precision Laser Cutting

For ultrafine, precise cuts, for medical devices, tubing and many other products, our fine precision laser cutting machines, with the latest in optical delivery and high precision motion drives, perform the ultimate laser cutting service. Contact Arcor Laser to learn more about our precision fine laser cutting services.

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Added Value Services

If you need someone to manage your component value stream or are frustrated with trying to manage outside specialty services, Arcor can help. We can provide additional services such as; shadow boarding, laser marking, heat treating, machining, specialty forming, passivating, electropolishing and many other added value services.

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Arcor Laser is NADCP Certified